I have developed "Classic Blast" to be a better, faster and safer way to remove old paint and rust from classic car, tractor and vintage airplane parts plus antiques and other collectables.

"Classic Blast" makes use of a fine, dense mix of aluminum oxide, trace minerals and graded walnut shells. This combination has the unique ability to clean thin-gauge metal surfaces without the pitting, warping or excessive roughness that is usually associated with traditional sandblasting operations. "Classic Blast" also produces an exceptionally clean and smooth surface that can prevent rusting for hundreds of hours without priming or other types of surface treatment.

"Classic Blast" is not a magic product and will not produce the expected results if used with improper equipment or a low volume air supply. But, for many applications the overall performance of the "Classic Blast" system may set a new quality standard that other surface cleaning operations will find virtually impossible to equal.

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